Where women are honored, divinity blossoms

Believe it or not, we all are hypocrites. All in all, I think the level and degree of hypocrisy is what’s important. There are certain levels of hypocrisy that one shouldn’t cross to avoid being marked as a hardcore hypocrite.

So ladies and gentlemen! here is a list of groups of people who have successfully crossed the levels and are gold medal winning hypocrites.

  • People who worship statues of a female form as divine. Pray to them for health, wealth and what not. But treat the real ones less than them.
  • People who respect cows more than they respect the females in the society. Those cows are holier than thou.
  • People who think talking about rape is more shameful than the action itself. Because obviously ‘cultured’ girls don’t use bad words like ‘rape’ in a conversation. The words ‘rape’ and ‘rape victim’ are too hardcore for them to hear. I guess ‘rape victims’ should be now called unwilling recipients of sperms (Thanks George Carlin).
  • People who skip over the quotes like “Where women are honored, divinity blossoms”. This quote is written all over your holy books. Yep! simply overlook these quotes and pick on the bullshit ones. If you want to live by the holy books, don’t skip the rational ones.
  • People who donate golden umbrellas to give shade to a statue but ignore the unfortunate ones with no roofs over their head.

Don’t be a hypocrite in the name of culture and religion. At the rate things are going, I guess society progresses one funeral at a time. I am not done talking about this hyporcriticism yet. Stay tuned for more!