An ode to my first best friend

379082_10150998321300112_1467226984_n I had to say goodbye to a family member this week. For a change it wasn’t a human being but a family member nonetheless. She was our dog and my first best friend since I was 8 or 9. She was almost 16. Mom brought her home when she was tired of me and my brother borrowing neighbors’ dogs for a night or two. Her name was puppy. I guess no one was creative enough to name her something else. But she liked it I guess.

The important fact about her history is that she came into our household because she was a girl dog. In Nepal, most people prefer to have male dogs as compared to female dogs so that they won’t have to deal with male dogs hovering around the female dogs. It was our luck that we got to take her home even though she was a female dog. And my mom made the right decision like she always did. Puppy gave birth to 4 generations of puppies. Most of our relatives in Kathmandu have had one of her puppies as pet. Thus, spreading happiness in so many households.

Puppy reminded my mom of me after I moved to US. She used to say, “Well I have another daughter here with me. She is just like you in so many ways”. Oh how I wish! She was a very wonderful dog. If she was a human being she would be a beautiful woman with model-like features. I mean look at that picture! I don’t think I would be wrong if I say dogs are the most genuine and selfless creatures in this world.

Puppy was the first face I saw in the morning. She would be right there wagging her tail knowing that I’m going to be functional again and maybe play with her for a little bit. She always made my mornings better. I used to share secrets with her which now she has taken to her grave like a true best friend. When I left Nepal almost 6 years ago, I gave her a tight hug and waved her goodbye thinking that I might not see her again. Because she was already 10 then. But little did I know that she wouldn’t be the only face that I would never see again.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories and happiness you brought to our home. You will forever be in our hearts and you will be my favorite dog forever. You were a very nice bitch. Farewell my friend!