WTH Lance Armstrong I even had your picture on my wall man!

I decided to write something for my blog after a very long time because I have some serious commitment issues with it. 2012 was full of disappointments and 2013 started with a new one. For a change this time, I shifted my disappointment in myself to Lance Armstrong (just to make myself feel better). Let me start off by saying that I was in denial for a while after the news broke. I kept finding excuses for him that would justify his doping. Why did I need to justify it? Well, I grew up listening to his news about how he is a hero for fighting the cancer and for winning 7 freaking Tour de France titles. That sort of drive in him made me his fan for a very long time.

Last year the cyclist publicly forgo his ongoing fight with USADA leading the agency to strip him from all of  his 7 Tour de France titles on doping charges. I totally respected his decision. Armstrong had been angrily denying it with full confidence for several years. He bluntly denied all the allegations. Like a gullible little girl, I believed him. I kept having endless arguments with the people who thought Armstrong was guilty for doping. I kept wearing the $1 worth Livestrong wristband when I went running. He was doing such a good job in hiding it. He probably could have walked away with his titles without being stripped off had he not returned to cycling in 2009/2010. It reminds me of a line from the movie The Dark Knight “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain”.

After I watched his interview with Oprah (Why Oprah?), I couldn’t find any honesty in him although I tried. Even after that I tried to justify by saying everyone had been doping and he was not the only one, or he has raised a lot of money for cancer with his LIVESTRONG foundation (which I think should change to LIESTRONG foundation). But then I thought maybe the foundation was a cover up. After all the money he has made through his endorsements, books and what not, it wouldn’t be too hard for him to help the foundation.

That man had been lying and bullied other cyclists and acted like a victim for years. I would not have lost the respect if he had admitted way earlier that he had doped. The interview with Oprah was very weak and sad. He came off very cold. He seemed more saddened by the fact he got caught than sorry for the actions he had taken. It seemed like he came out clean just to get his ban reduced. I almost couldn’t watch the whole video, and I shouldn’t have. Maybe, Oprah failed in her PR skills while taking the interview. Oh well, I feel better thinking that I have won the same number of Tour de France titles as Lance Armstrong has, NONE. Nonetheless, I am disappointed. It’s not like anyone cares of my disappointment. But, WTH Lance Armstrong I even had your picture on my wall man!


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